Fibozone Strategy

Fibozone Strategy

Fibozone Strategy

What is the Fibozone Strategy?

Fibozone Strategy is an MT4 forex non-repaint arrow indicator with high accurate signals. The Fibozone Strategy system includes support and resistance area (red and blue area). When the market touches the blue area, the market turns to up and the market touches the red area, the market turns to down. Red and yellow arrows show buy and sell signals. Follow the trend before starts trading. This Fibozone Strategy system is a paid system and you can download it from the profxindicators website for free.

Forex trading is high risk and has high returns. You must take the right decisions at right time. You cannot take them only through indicators or trading systems. You must have your own knowledge and experience about trading, market behavior, and the world economy. We have given you an A – Z Free forex Lesson series via ProFX Learning Center. Practice all these things on Demo Account before trading on Live Account.

Fibozone Strategy consists following indicators, Experts Advisors (EAs), Libraries, Presets, Settings, and templates. You can check them and information to understand the system and signals. We have mentioned here the main indicators, experts, and templates only.


  1. AutoFib_TradeZones.ex4
  2. Brilliant Reversals.ex4
  3. candlestick_EN2.ex4
  4. Fractals Arrows(Alert).ex4

Expert Advisors

NO, any EAs are available


  1. fibozone.tpl


NO, any Libraries are available


NO, any Presets are available

Fibozone Strategy image 1

Fibozone Strategy .

01. Which trading platforms are suitable for the Fibozone Strategy?

You can run the indicator on MT4 (Meta Trader 4 ) only. You cannot run it on MT5 or other platforms. More about MT4 and MT5

02. Which time Frames are suitable for the Fibozone Strategy?

You can run in any time frame. More about trading time frames.

03. Which currency pairs can the Fibozone Strategy trade?

You can use any major currency pair for trading. More about currency pairs

04. Does the indicator system provide signal alerts?

Yes, the system provides signal alerts.

05. What are the pre-Requirements for Trading?

  • You must have a Verified trusted broker Account. Our recommended brokers
  • Verified Skrill or Neteler accounts for deposit and withdrawal. Visit ProFX Premium Store to create and verify Skrill and Neteler accounts for a cheaper cost.

06. What do we need to know about trading first and how to know them?

  • You should have good knowledge about the forex market and the market movements.
  • You should have good knowledge of the fundamentals of currency trading
  • Knowledge and experience about Indicators, systems, strategies, and technical and fundamental
  • Understand the trading psychology

You can A-Z learn all these things from ProFX Learning Center for free.

07. How to affect news and trading sessions at the Fibozone Strategy?

How to install and use the Fibozone Strategy

1. Download and install MT4 Platform

Visit MT4 configuration Guide to download and install the Meta Trader 4 Platform on your computer or mobile phone. Visit our Recommended Brokers list.

2. Download and install the Fibozone Strategy

Visit Indicator Installation Guide to download and install the Fibozone Strategy on your MT4 Platform.

3. Required Settings and Configuration

Once you install the indicators on your MT4, you need to configure input settings. visit the below link to check the guide about changing indicator settings. Guide Link

4. Trade with Fibozone Strategy

When to Buy

  • The market touches the lower blue area.
  • Identify the trend is UP.
  • The yellow up arrow appears.
  • How to improve buy signal accuracy through ProFX Learning Center.

When to Sell

  • The market touches the upper red area.
  • Identify the trend is DOWN.
  • A Red Down arrow appears.
  • How to improve Sell signal accuracy through ProFX Learning Center

Recommended Stop Loss and Take Profit Table for each time frame. This SL and TP can be changed according to your knowledge and experience. This is a common SL and TP table. You can check the indicators well first and then you can decide how about SL and TP. Don’t depend on this table every time.

Stop Loss and Take Profit Table

ProFX Learning Center

ProFX Learning center is a different concept started by profxindicators team. Our primary goal
is to carry you towards successful trading. We have provided A – Z lesson series about trading under
three stages such as Basic, Intermediate, and Advance. You can learn following through ProFX Learning

  • Fundamentals of trading
  • Trading Platforms
  • Indicators, Systems and Expert advisors / Develop own systems and strategies
  • Advanced trading techniques
  • Step by step practical sessions and test your improvement

Your knowledge improvement on trading will make fewer losses and high returns.

ProFX Freemium Store

You can Donate and obtain following through ProFX Freemium Store

  • High Profitable Indicators, Expert Advisors, and Systems with Verified Results
  • Open and Verify Forex and Binary Option Trading accounts (Any Broker)
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  • Develop Indicators and Experts According to your Strategy

You can follow these images for further trading


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