www.profxindicators.com is a website that provides various products and services related to forex trading and CFDs. We provide forex indicators, expert advisors, forex education (eBooks and ProFX learning center), techniques, and strategies. This is a free service and if there are any doubts about our service, anyone can reach us through our official email and social media platforms which have been mentioned on the website.

Disclaimer and Risk Warning

We provide Forex indicators, Forex Expert advisors, Tools, and Techniques for forex trading for 100% free. We provide them as support for traders but keep in your mind that Forex trading is High Risk and Your capital might be at risk So you need to take whole responsibility for any losses that happened to you and www.profxindicators.com website doesn’t take any responsibility regarding them.

Nobody can predict the future market without proper knowledge. We have provided you with eBooks and a ProFX learning center (coming soon) to collect knowledge on forex trading.

We have used “IC Market Broker” as our trusted and recommended broker account and IC Market and Profxindicators don’t take any responsibility regarding losses happening to you due to inappropriate trading.

We only provide Forex Indicators, Expert Advisors, Forex Education, eBooks, and Tools. We don’t trade on clients’ accounts or we don’t work as account managers. We recommend studying forex first then trading on a demo account until you will have the confidence then you can trade on a real account with a 0.01 lot size. Then you can step by step increase the lot sizes.

We have provided all required intimations and step guides on our website and with attachments. Please read them and understand everything on trading.

Happy Trading