BO-Volume Binary Indicator

BO-Volume Binary Indicator(Does not Repaint)

BO-Volume Binary Indicator

BO-Volume Binary Indicator is a Binary Option NON-REPAINT Indicator. The indicator predicts the price movement based on the total volume of candles.  You have to trade on a demo account first and then you can use it on a real account confidently. You can download more pro forex indicators 100% free from

BO-Volume Binary Indicator Specifications.

You must consider the following important points related to BO-Volume Binary Indicator, before starting trading, to acquire a high trading success rate.

  • Trading Platforms – Meta Trader 4 (MT4)
  • Trading Timeframes – Any Time Frames
  • Currency pairs – Any major currency pairs
  • News trading – We advised stopping trading in the important news time

You can use to check daily news. You may avoid your losses and save capital with this news.

  • Trading Sessions – we recommend London and New York sessions

If you don’t have an idea about trading sessions, please refer to this link for more lesions and information.

Indicator settings

How to use BO-Volume Binary Indicator

Install and set up MT4 and BO-Volume Non-repaint indicator on your computer.

Check setup and installation instructions #link


First understand the market trend. If the channel directed to upside, it is an uptrend and If the channel directed to downside, it is a downtrend. The trend is so important.

How to develop the Trading System for high accurate signals

The indicator or a system is a strategy developed by someone so We can further develop the system for higher winning rates.  There are many and profitable indicators in MT4. So many techniques also are available for market analyzing such as Trendlines, Candlestick Patterns and more. These Indicators and techniques can be used to develop the system. The important thing is the own knowledge of trading. The combination of the knowledge and The strategy can never fail you in trading.If you are willing to learn Forex and Binary Option trading from A to Z  100% free, you can go to our PROFX LEARNING CENTER.

get start now image

Once you access ProFX Learning Center, You will be able to obtain a better knowledge about basics of Forex and binary trading, Indicators, EAs and Strategies, Developing Profx indicators and Strategies for high accurate signals, Tools and techniques for market analyzing, Money management, Risk Management, disciplines for trading and more.

When to Buy

  • Blue vertical line with a blue arrow

When to Sell

  • Red vertical line with a Red arrow

Important: Forex and Binary Option is high risky. Your capital might be at risk. If you don’t have a proper knowledge trading, we recommend to study Forex and Binary Option trading through PROFX LEARNING CENTER, Then You will be able to improve provided indicators and strategies using existing MT4 indicators and your knowledge. Now you can trade confidently because you have the knowledge and you have the strategy provided by can customize the strategy as how you want with your knowledge.

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