Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator

What is the Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator?

Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator is a free forex indicator mainly based on the market trend. The indicator has been developed in three main decades such as fractals, geometry, and chaos theory.PFE indicator has 0 lines and depending on how to cross that 0 lines of PFE indicator. This is a very simple and profitable forex indicator that can be used by any level of trader  We recommend traders to study forex trading first and then start trading.

Profxindicators has provided an eBooks collection to give you more techniques and education, you can read eBooks via https://profxindicators.com/ebooks/

Traders can use the indicator with Forex currency pairs and assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptos, precious metals, oil, gas, etc.

Forex trading is high risk and has high returns. This statement means that you may have loses with inappropriate trading methods. Our recommendation is to improve your knowledge and experience in currency trading. Your knowledge of Indicators will bring you an expert level of trading

Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator the following indicators, Expert Advisors, templates, and Other required files. Check them all to understand the Trading system. Just main Indicators, Expert Advisors, and Templates have been listed here.


  1. polarized-fractal-efficiency.ex4

Expert Advisors

No, any Expert Advisors included


No, any templates Advisors included


NO, any Libraries are included


NO, any Presets are included

Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator FAQs.

01. Suitable trading platforms for Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator.

The trading system works well on MT4 (Meta Trader 4). Not compatible with MT5 or other platforms. More about MT4 and MT5.

02. Suitable Time Frames for Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator.

Any time frames. More about trading time frames.

03. Suitable Currency pairs for Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator.

Any major currency pairs (All currency pairs can be used). More about currency pairs

04. Is The indicator system providing signal alerts?

Yes, the system provides signal alerts.

05. Pre-Requirements for Trading.

  • Verified and trusted broker Account. Our recommended brokers
  • Verified Skrill or Neteler digital wallets for Transactions (deposits and Withdrawals).

06. Thing’s traders have to consider Before starting trading?

  • Improve knowledge and experience on currency trading and market conditions.
  • Improve knowledge on the fundamentals of currency trading and another stock trading.
  • Improve knowledge and experience on Indicators, systems, strategies, and technical and fundamental factors related to currency trading.
  • Understanding the trading psychology

Traders can acquire this knowledge through ProFX Learning Center.

07. How to trade with News and understand trading sessions.

Learn more about trading sessions and News trading through ProFX Learning Center. Visit  www.investing.com for Checking Important News.

How to install and use the Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator

1. Download and install MT4 Platform

Visit MT4 configuration Guide to download and install the Meta Trader 4 Platform on your computer or mobile phone. Visit our Recommended Brokers list.

2. Download and install the Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator

Visit Indicator Installation Guide to download and install the Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator on your MT4 Platform.

3. Required Settings and Configuration

Once you install the System on your MT4, then configure input settings

4. Trade with Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator


  • Identify the market trend (UP)
  • it crosses above the zero line of the PFE indicator.
  • How to improve buy signal accuracy through ProFX Learning Center.


  • Identify the market trend (DOWN)
  • crosses below the zero line of the PFE indicator
  • How to improve Sell signal accuracy through ProFX Learning Center

Profxindicators contact and support

Profxindicators support team is ready to support you anytime regarding any technical issues of indicators, EAs, and any matter. Website visitors and traders are able to reach us via the website contact formFacebookYoutube, and Email (admin@profxindicators.com)

Anybody can send us their desired indicator, EAs, or Strategy name and we will send them to you for free.

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