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German Sniper Indicator v2

Introduction to German Sniper Indicator V2

German Sniper Indicator V2 is a free forex trading indicator given by the profxindicators website. The indicator provides easy buy and sell signals and trading with the German sniper indicator is very easy because it also provides SL and TP positions. If traders are waiting for scalping, this system will be a better option. The indicator uses very clever algorithms and techniques to analyze the market with minimal drawdown. Features like Mobile notifications and platform popups are not included in this indicator and any currency pairs, assets, stocks, commodities, cryptos, or precious metals can be traded using German Sniper. Our recommendation is to trade on a demo account first and then on a real account.

Read the following information related to German Sniper Indicator V2.

  • Works with MT4 only
  • Works well with Any time frames (15 min or higher recommended )
  • Works well with Any currency pairs and assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptos, precious metals, oil, gas, etc.
  • Study how to trade with news during important news periods.

Forex trading, binary option trading, and stock trading are high risks and have high returns. Your fund will be lost if you are not making the right decisions at the right time. so, our recommendation is to study Forex A-Z, and then anybody will be able to trade confidently.

German Sniper Indicator V2 includes the following Indicators, Expert Advisors, Templates, Libraries, Presets


  1. German Sniper Indicator V2.ex4

Expert Advisors

No, any Expert Advisors included


  1. German Sniper Indicator V2.tpl


No, any Libraries included

Learn  forex and binary trading free of charge and get more profitable forex signals through  German Sniper Indicator V2

The Profxindicators team has provided the following useful learning methods, which are for beginner-level traders to expert-level traders.

You can completely free learn A-Z about forex trading, binary option trading, stock trading, and more about trading from the above sources. Learning is very important because indicators are only a program developed by a person with someone’s strategy. Your own experiences will bring you more successful and profitable forex signals. Profx Learning center provides articles and lesson series related to the following topics.

  • Fundamentals of trading.
  • Trading Platforms.
  • Indicators, Systems, Strategies, and Expert advisors strategies.
  • Advanced trading techniques.
  • Step-by-step practical sessions and test your trading improvement.
  • Future trading.

Start trading with German Sniper Indicator V2

Before starting trading, traders need to complete a few requirements. Read the following guide to start.

  • Select a recommended broker. visit recommended broker list
  • Open and verify a broker account
  • Create and verify eWallets for deposits and Withdrawals.Visit Skrill and Neteler
  • Download and install the MT4 or MT5 platform
  • Download forex or binary option indicator, EAs, or strategy from the profxindicators website. Installation Guide
  • Install the download file in the MT4 or MT5 Platform Installation Guide.
  • Enjoy

Getting buy and Sell Entry points with German Sniper Indicator V2

When to Buy

  • Identify the market trend is UP
  • Wait for the meeting to buy entry points (you will see them in yellow color)
  • How to improve buy signal accuracy through ProFX Learning Center.

When to Sell

  • Identify the market trend is DOWN
  • Wait for the meeting to sell entry points (you will see them in yellow color)
  • How to improve Sell signal accuracy through ProFX Learning Center

Profxindicators contact and support

Profxindicators support team is ready to support you anytime regarding any technical issues of indicators, EAs, and any matter. Website visitors and traders are able to reach us via the website contact form, Facebook, Youtube, and Email (

Anybody can send us their desired indicator, EAs, or Strategy name and we will send them to you for free.

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