Naked Forex Ebook

Naked Forex eBook

Naked Forex Ebook is a paid eBook that included How to trade forex without indicators to acquire a high-Profitability ratio. Although this book is paid profxindicators provide you with 100% free of charge.

Most beginner traders use different indicators such as Bollinger Bands, CCI, RSI, arrow indicators, parabolic SAR, Stochastic oscillator (Stoch), Fibonacci, hedging methods, martingale strategies, and many more indicators, to trade forex. But the problem is that indicators are not 100% correct because it also has the strategy developed by someone.

Profxindicators recommendation is using indicators and EAs with knowledge and experience, then nobody can reverse you. our main goal is to create expert forex traders and Expert forex trader uses their own knowledge, and experience with other indicators and resources.


  • Naked Forex eBooks provide you following about forex trading.
  • The Fundamentals of Forex Trading.
  • Avoiding a Trading Tragedy.
  • Back-Testing Your System.
  • Identifying Support and Resistance Zones.


  • The Last Kiss.
  • The Big Shadow.
  • Wammies and Moolahs.
  • Kangaroo Tails.
  • The Big Belt.
  • The Trendy Kangaroo.
  • Exiting the Trade.

PART 3  (Trading Psychology)

  • The Forex Cycle.
  • Creating Your Trading System.
  • Becoming an Expert.
  • Gaining Confidence.
  • Gaining Confidence.

The books consist word popular and highly profitable trading methodologies used by my most advanced forex traders. You can study them and test them on a demo account first then you can try them on a real account.

  • Trend Determination
  • The NYSE Tick Index And Candlesticks
  • Strategy10
  • Reverse Divergences And Momentum
  • Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
  • Peaks And Troughs

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